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In The Black Biz 2021 Cohorts

In The BlackBiz 2021 Cohorts

In January 2015, Forbes Magazine ranked San Antonio eighth in the nation (tied with Miami, FL and Richmond, VA) in terms of the favor-ability of the economy for African-Americans; higher than any of the other large metropolitan area in Texas.

The City’s expected population growth will include attracting African-American businesses from elsewhere, as well as engaging with African-American entrepreneurs and professionals ready to start new businesses in San Antonio.

Which translates to…a more diverse and competitive small business ecosystem.

EHCU Public Relations has invited only 15 industry leaders in Technology, Education, Hospitality and Food Service, Development, Engineering, Cyber Security, Art and Design, Fashion and Beauty, Real Estate, & Policy Making – that capture the personality and culture of black entrepreneurship and leadership to participate in a 4-month leadership co-hort.

IN THE BLACK BIZ will cultivate a thriving network of Black founders and professionals in San Antonio via a dynamic print and digital advertising campaign, unique networking events, and corporate mentorship.


Coorporate entities are invited to come along this unique journey — tag along on this unique journeyThis 4-month campaign will launch in October 2021! Don’t miss out on prominent logo placement on large scale, professional, advertisements in your most trusted Central Texas publications.

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