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In The Black

Christian and Uchennaya Ogba, founders of EHCU PR, saw their business grow exponentially after being featured in the San Antonio Business Journal. And again after Christian's 2018 feature in San Antonio Magazine.

Since launching their public relations firm in 2011 the duo has appeared on or been cited in more than 75 news stories, platforms, or productions.

"We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our thoughts and expertise on platforms that have now made us into a local success story and resource."

But as publicist and avid news readers the Ogbas very quickly recognized their counterparts weren't meeting them in the spotlight - while San Antonio's small business ecosystem was thriving, features around Black-owned brands and Black professionals were few and far between.

The duo has since set out to level the playing field and help other Black founders and professionals to spotlight their excellence.



A seat at the table means invitations to bid on larger, high yield projects + opportunities to partner!

Strategic brand placement where corporate decision makers, executives, and investors get their news!  

Conversations focused on providing solutions in capacity building, diversity and teaming.

Increasing cost effective services, making it easier for buyers to locate quality diverse options.

Operating In The Black

Spotlighting black founders within San Antonio’s top industries is our ultimate goal.

While some professions may not be as popular, we aim to build  inclusion in areas where black entrepreneurs and professionals have been vastly underrepresented.  


Spotlight your business and profession in our cohort!

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The IN THE BLACK business model offers a volume discount on high-value, high-yield marketing platforms - offering potentially viral exposure at a fraction of costs to both featured founders and corporate or organizational sponsors.

Founders, Uchennaya Ogba and Christian Reed-Ogba.  Google them.
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